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Android SEO app

If you have a blog, a web-page, or any other kind of online-content which you want to expose online and grow your customer base or readership, you will have to do SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology to increase your sites visibility in the search engines, such as Google or Bing. Increasing your position in the search results by just one or two positions could mean the difference between earning money or closing your doors ( virtually ) forever.

SEO as a Sport

There are a ton of resources available online and offline to learn all about SEO. Most of those however are pointed to some sales funnel or describe some kind of oversimplified rules and tools.

The thing I have learned about SEO is that there is no certain way of doing SEO which will always work. Instead, you should see it as an art rather than a science project.
If you play it like a game and you keep at it for a long time you will certainly see more or less results.
Where to start on your journey and how to go about your initial steps in ranking better will be overwhelming. There is google trends, keyword suggestion tools like this , Alexa site ranking, Backlink checker, and tools which help you to discover more about your sites appeal on the internet than you could ever ask for.


I mentioned above that there is no sure fire way to improve your ranking. This is of course in regard to SEO. You can always count on search engine ranking you higher for better content. If your site has the highest authority about any subject, you will get ranked accordingly. This is the number one ingredient to your sites success. SEO is the second most important thing you can do to rank your site well with search engines.

There are however some ways to get punished if you go about it the wrong way. Black-hat-SEO is one of the easiest ways to get your site ignored by the search engines. Stay away from any of those if you want your site to be visible to any human being.

For example, if you pay someone to build a huge amount of backlinks ( other web pages pointing to your web page ), then you have great chances to get your page ranking dropped by Google to a place in hell, which in Google land is a rank of +.

Do the right thing

However there are White hat ways to improve your rankings. Such as adding good and meaningful contents on a regular basis or building the best blog, web-site or whatever it is you want to rank
This of course required hard work and takes in general a long time.
Another approved of way to get more visitors is of course through paid advertising, especially if you use Goggles AdWords.
Using a keyword planning tool to make certain your site is ranked for the right keyword is another way to increase your ranking. As a matter of fact, keywords are so important to you ranking that you will have to dive in and really learn as much as you can about them.


What to do

The question for most people then boils down to what-to-do, when-to-do-it, and how-to-do-it. Especially as a beginner this can be challenging as you don’t know the rules and tools yet and you don’t want to get yourself into hot water.
Enter “Free SEO Tool”, the Android app which provides you with a shorthand way is playing with SEO tools from all around.

It offers a collection of tools in one convenient spot. The resulting report for your website spans 25 pages and will also explain reach of the analyzed sections in the report. You can also export the report as a PDF version and share the results with others.
Give this app a try and see how you can improve on you online present to increase your visibility. The report is huge but easy to read and understand. The required changes on your site should become obvious, and best of all, its free to boot.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play