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Flippa scam of the week #3

This weeks scam of the week is for a game. Granted I am not as familiar in the gaming section as in other categories but I see a stinking bad deal when I see one.

One of the really frustrating things is that I can’t comment on the listing to earn people to not lose their shirt on this garbage. That’s why I use this blog.

What’s more is that flippa again increases the visibility by giving this listing and “Editors Choice” stamp of approval. Really … Well let’s see


Miss unlike the name, this seller is certainly no one’s friends. Let’s direct the offer shall we.

1000 downloads with $100,- spent on AdWords to get downloads. The income from this game is supposedly $788,- per month if you believe it.
Since there is no proof of income we have to take the seller at his wired and believe these are actually real numbers. It would be great if it would be that easy to earn money. But then why in the world would the seller sell this income producing app with a reserve of $1,- ?

The answer is quite simple

  1. The game is crap. Why else would you only put 3 screenshots up and repeat the same screenshots multiple times
  2. To gain 1000+ installs cost $101,– to acquire. That also points to the fact that there is no traction … Because #1
  3. The revenue is fake, unless it is provided in monopoly dollars in which case it may be closer to reality.

Unfortunately the game is currently standing at $355,- with 47 bids and there are 5 days left. That means that there are a few people actually falling for this scam.

To be worth $355,- the game would have to generate around $15,- per month which it will never get unless you spend 100s of dollars in advertising each week.

Again flippa is a great site to find passive income generating apps. However you have to be careful to not dual for the obvious scam and have to spend your investments wisely.

Update June 26 2019 : Someone actually paid $1500,- for it as a Buy It Now – option.